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Use AI to skyrocket your outbound email response rates and overflow your pipeline without spending hours on manual research and personalization

It's more than email. It's your success story. Revspot is your AI-powered sales assistant that personalizes your emails at scale.

AI-powered Sales tools

Sales tools.

From the future.

Cast a spell on your outbound game —stop doing manual work that can be automated. Wouldn't you rather spend 10 minutes per day personalizing 100s of outbound emails and then sitting back and closing your overflowing pipe of interested prospect? For the first time in the history of selling - the SDR function can be automated with AI. Out with the old. In with the new. Arm a small team with mighty tools and you'll do more in a week then you've done in the last quarter.

Outbound game on autopilot? Yup! Our AI digs into LinkedIn profiles and company updates, whips up 5 custom messages using GPT4, and chooses the best one for you. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.

LinkedIn profile data. Our AI mines profiles for job titles, experiences, skills, and interests, using that info to craft personalized messages that truly connect.

Company news data. We dive into updates, announcements, and trends, using this info to create tailor-made messages that show your leads you're in the know. Get ready for smarter outreach!


Time back to close deals?

Up to


more meetings on your calendar

Up to


rep outbound productivity gain

Up to

18 hrs

saved per rep / week. Assuming 40 outbound emails per day.

Our AI crafts personalized messages for 100 leads in just 5 minutes, leaving behind the old 5-minute-per-lead routine. Now you can focus on what truly matters: closing deals.